'INSTANT' UV Glue with UV light pen


SKU: 10000

UV INSTANT ADHESIVE is a liquid plastic, which not only glues, but also seals. Unlike any other glue, it doesn't dry out and stays wet while you work - you can spend the time you need, without rushing, and with complete precision (without risking later realizing it's a bit lopsided). The liquid is fixed and dried by projecting UV light on the surface to be joined, and which incorporates the product in its upper part.
What objects can be fixed with the new UV INSTANT ADHESIVE? Although it may seem exaggerated, it works for EVERYTHING! Its uses are infinite (to glue glasses, crystal, costume jewellery and jewellery, etc.) Whenever it is necessary to join two surfaces with precision, INSTANT UV ADHESIVE can be used. In addition, it is resistant to water and underwater, so it will be useful to repair fish tanks, swimming pools, etc. Once dry, it can be smoothed, sanded, polished and even painted over.