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  Covid 19

Thank you to all our valued customers who are stocking up on craft supplies to keep all the family entertained whilst at home.

Our shop is now open again,

We ask you to please wear Mask and observe social distancing.

We are updating the website all the time, so have a browse and click and collect, or we are offering some deliveries now in the evenings.

 Orders are also available through Rock Hero in Gibraltar.

Thanks from all at DitzyB

Welcome to Our Craft supplies store!

We have MOVED!

Unit F1, still 1st floor, still in the ICC, 20m away, opposite Irish town stairs.

Open an account on our website and will get Busy Bee points Online and in the shop, to accumulate and spend whenever you want, with points available for introducing freinds, on your birthday and of course when you order through the website! Check your points and find details on our Busy Bee Tab at the bottom of the page.

so go on.... open an account today!