Chromatic Alginate

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You'll be amazed at how much detail you get when casting from a mould made from alginate.

Widely used by dentists this fast setting, skin-friendly mould making material is supplied as a powder and mixed with cold water for speedy results. The powder to water ratio for immersion moulding is 35:100 by weight; this roughly equates to one cup of loose powder to one cup of water. For a spread-on application, use 50:100 powder:water by weight.

Sprinkle the powder on to the water and stir in thoroughly.

The colour changing element of this alginate makes it user friendly. Violet when initially mixed, pink when it's ready to use, white when it's starting to set and no longer spreadable. Mix the Alginate quickly because it is ready to use in under 50 seconds depending on the room temperature.

The alginate sets firm enough to demould about 3 minutes after it changes colour to white.

Use within 3 months of purchase. 450g bag.